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Padmashali International Welfare Association


PADMASALI INTERNATIONAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION is a humanitarian development and social relief NGO striving for the upliftment of the poor downtrodden and under privileged in the Society without distinction as to creed, caste and religion especially padmasali’s and weavers who are about 12% amongst the population of India. Today in this community many are still depending on weaving for their livelihood. With their meager income most of them are unable to get proper education, proper health care. There are many suicides in this community. Because of poverty, those children who could study well are unable to do so due to lack of financial assistance. Many great leaders of this community had fought for upliftment of the poor, still there are many deprived, destitute, disabled and orphans who need the help and consoling hand around their shoulders. It is therefore, necessary that every individual should understand that none of us could en joy peace and security while our fellow members were cursed by hunger homelessness and ill- health and without proper education.

So all the PADMASHALI's increasingly should reach out to help those who are in need of our services. Across the world our community should seize the responsibility for our own community up-liftment with the support of our Padmashali communities, people across the world and with PIWA.

Even as we take pride in our progress to form PIWA, we know it is only a start. There are many needs to be met. We appeal to the people of Padmashali community to donate generously to achieve the objectives of PIWA.

We with PIWA would pledge to bring in service delivery to our community people. We would improve the attitudes towards our community, as public servants. Together, we must work harder to uplift PADMASHALI COMMUNITY.

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